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In another step to protect the rights of content creators and licensees by reducing online piracy, in July, the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE) shut down ten popular, illegal, pirate, anime domains. Six of the domains, belonging to Animemovil and AnimeYT, supplemented stolen Japanese anime with Spanish subtitles, making them top pirating sites of anime among Spanish speakers. The other four pirate domains belonged to Skanime and AnimesoneHD.

The ten anime domain shutdowns add to ACE’s recent global successes at identifying and nullifying pirate websites, as well as illegal sports streaming and unlicensed TV and film providers. However, ACE is not the only organization that pirates, and those who view pirated content, need to be concerned about.

Also in July, tens of thousands of paying subscribers to a pirate IPTV service operating under the Global Entertainment brand received, instead of their content, a notice from the Norfolk and Sussex (UK) police that their illegal stream had been seized by authorities. Additionally, subscribers were warned that, “Watching illegal broadcasts is a crime. Your IP address has been recorded. You are instructed to cease and desist immediately from all illegal media streaming.”

Allegedly engaging in illegal IPTV piracy was a 24-year-old man who was arrested by agents of the Cyber and Serious Organized Crime team. According to the Suffolk police, the man was “arrested on suspicion of facilitating others to commit the offence of obtaining services dishonestly, and concealing /converting criminal property (money laundering).”These shutdowns of pirated content providers add to earlier 2020 shutdowns and arrests, including an Australian-based pirated IPTV provider and a Spanish-based criminal network that provided pirated IPTV service to more than two million subscribers.

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