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    Arrests & Take-downs

    Pirate Streaming Sites Raided by Thai Police for Streaming Hollywood Movies

    Published by TorrentFreak on 11/9

    Three elusive Thai pirate streaming operations have been shut down by Thailand's Department of Special Investigations. These streaming site shutdowns are another small victory in the international battle against illegal content piracy.

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    U.S. and Brazil Stage Unprecedented Joint Crackdown on Online Content Pirates

    Published by Variety on 11/6

    Hundreds of thousands of Brazilians lost both their streaming content and their subscription payments when more than 250 illegal, pirate content sites and apps were shut down in an unprecedented, international law enforcement operation. These shutdowns were the latest in an accelerating global campaign to root out and dismantle services selling pirated TV, film and sports.

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    ACE TV, Firestick Plusman Repo, and Other Domains Seized By ACE / MPA

    Published by Torrent Freak on 10/4

    In its ongoing, international effort to protect the legal rights of legitimate content producers and distributors, the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment has, in recent months, shut down a variety of illegal, pirate IPTV services and their accomplices. When IPTV services shut down, they disappear without warning, leaving paid customers with no service and no recourse.

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    Summer Shutdowns: Pirated Anime Domains and England-based IPTV

    Authorities shut down multiple pirated content providers and viewers receive nothing but warnings.

    US Indictments and Raids of Piracy Group Members in ‘The Scene’ Throw Top-Tier Piracy...

    Torrent Freak

    Members of three prominent piracy groups, responsible for illegally acquiring and publicly disseminating scores of unreleased films, are scrambling to evade law enforcement as indictments, raids and arrests disrupt the shadowy content piracy ecosystem. As a result, the supply of new films to top pirating movie sites and popular pirate movie streaming services will likely diminish.

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