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    ACE Action Leads to FWIPTV Piracy Service Ceasing Operations in Thailand

    Published by Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment on 3/1

    Thailand – Following a major investigation by the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE) in support of Thailand’s Department of Special Investigations (DSI), the piracy service FWIPTV has ceased all operations.

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    Netflix is testing a crackdown on password sharing

    Published by on 3/11

    Netflix has never made a big deal about password-sharing, but a new test suggests the company may be reconsidering.

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    ACE Targets Popular ‘Watched’ Streaming App Add-Ons in US Court

    Published by TorrentFreak on 2/17

    The popular 'Watched' streaming app is used by large numbers of viewers to watch movies, TV shows and live sports for free. However, global anti-piracy group ACE is taking action to undermine the user experience, including by attempting to track down the operators of sites that form crucial parts of the extended 'Watched' infrastructure.

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    Gale Anne Hurd On the New Copyright Law that Finally Catches Up to Streaming...

    Published by Deadline on 2/2

    Movie and TV producer Gale Anne Hurd weighs in on the recent increased, criminal penalties for large-scale, streaming piracy operations. This will likely slow down theft of digital content, helping the US economy, those who work in the entertainment industry, and content consumers.

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    ACE & MPA Target Pirate IPTV Provider & Yet Again, VOD Will Be The...

    Published by TorrentFreak on 12/4

    While torrent sites still play an important role in the piracy landscape, Hollywood and major content distributors consider illegal streaming to be a key threat.

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    US Passes Spending Bill With CASE Act and Felony Streaming Proposal

    Published by TorrentFreak on 12/22

    US Congress passed the spending bill a few hours ago. The legislation package includes the CASE Act, which establishes a tribunal for small copyright claims. A proposal to criminalize streaming piracy services also passed as part of the omnibus bill.

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    Advertising is the Latest Front in the Fight Against Piracy

    Copyright holders and licensed distributors of entertainment content have long worked to identify and shut down illegal streaming sites and services. Now, they are also attempting to shrink pirate revenue by persuading advertising agencies and name-brands to refrain from advertising on pirate platforms.

    It’s Time to Streamline Streaming Services, Protect Content

    Published by Mesa on 11/25

    The proliferation of distinctive subscription streaming services has made life more complicated for both viewers and content providers. One potential solution are AI-administered, personalized content services, which would provide viewers with a single source for all desired content while substantially reducing demand for illegal, pirate streaming providers.

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    RIAA and MPA Now Target Domain Name and Hosting Providers

    Published by TechNadu on 11/10

    As part of their global fight against content piracy, the Recording Industry Association of America and Motion Pictures Association have recently begun focusing attention on piracy-enabling internet operations. The new strategy is an attempt to identify those who run pirate streaming services and illegal streaming sites by pressuring those known to do business with them.

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    Pirate Streaming Sites Raided by Thai Police for Streaming Hollywood Movies

    Published by TorrentFreak on 11/9

    Three elusive Thai pirate streaming operations have been shut down by Thailand's Department of Special Investigations. These streaming site shutdowns are another small victory in the international battle against illegal content piracy.

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