Piracy 101

Today we have a variety of legitimate streaming services providing the public with licensed television, film and sports content. Unfortunately, there are also countless illicit streaming services and websites offering stolen content and taking advantage of the hard work of others for unlawful gain. Pirate services seem attractive because of their low prices but these “deals” are illegal and come with many risks. Learn about content piracy here.

Mark Lanterman on Home Cyber Security

More time working from home means greater susceptibility to cybercriminals' tricks and schemes, schemes which often involve offering free or too-cheap-to-be-true pirated movies, television and sports.

Illegal Streaming PSA: More Time at Home Means More Opportunity for Cyber Criminals

Feel like you’ve already watched everything your content providers have to offer and are now tempted to explore illegal, pirate streaming TV and film...

Fast Fact: Anti-Malware Likely Won’t Protect You

Most of Your Defenses are for Yesterday's Threats

Fast Fact: Click at your Own Risk

That Link or Download May be a Trap

Fast Fact: You Get What You Pay For

Pirated Content is Cheap for a Reason


Watch the video series on the risks of pirated content.

Reason to Avoid Pirated Content: It Harms Content Creators (Watch)

People that create television and film content aim to produce the best possible experience for their audience. Sometimes the key to success is an amazing script; sometimes it’s brilliant acting, or unbelievable special effects. Whatever the crucial ingredient, it’s going to cost, because greatness doesn’t come cheap.

Reason to Avoid Pirated Content: It Supports Criminals (Watch)

When you buy a streaming device that provides unlimited free content, or when you subscribe to an obscure streaming service that promises thousands of channels for a ridiculously low rate, you’re most likely doing business with criminals.

Reason to Avoid Pirated Content: It’s No Bargain (Watch)

When you buy content from a legitimate provider, part of what you pay for is reliable, consistent, quality service. You don’t get that when you buy from pirates.

Reason to Avoid Pirated Content: It’s Dangerous (Watch)

Thinking about viewing free or unusually cheap movies, TV or sports content? You should know that the content is probably pirated and shared without permission.

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