Piracy 101

    When someone steals a car or a purse, it’s called theft. But when the item stolen is a movie, TV show or sports broadcast, the offense is copyright infringement or what’s known as content piracy. By taking advantage of the same technologies and systems that deliver legitimate content, pirates distribute illegal content across the world. It’s so widespread you might have watched stolen content without knowing it. Downloading, streaming or otherwise accessing pirated content is against the law and it comes with risks. Read about the dangers here.

    Fast Fact: Anti-Malware Likely Won’t Protect You

    Most of Your Defenses are for Yesterday's Threats

    Fast Fact: Click at your Own Risk

    That Link or Download May be a Trap

    Fast Fact: You Get What You Pay For

    Pirated Content is Cheap for a Reason

    Streaming Devices: The Hacker’s Bullseye

    Accessing pirated television, film and sports content is inherently risky. According to a report by Digital Citizens Alliance, nearly half of people who have...

    Six Tips for Recognizing Illegal Streaming Websites

    With so many websites streaming television, film and sports it can be difficult to know which are legitimate and which provide illegal content that...

    The Drive-by Download: Internet Booby Trap

    We all know that the Internet presents risks. That there’s value in our stored data. That hackers and thieves want in. Most of us...

    Fast Fact: Pirated Content = No Parental Controls

    Pirated content may expose children to inappropriate material.

    Malware Wants to Know About You, So You Should Know About Malware

    Infographic: People who view pirated content are much more likely to be infected by malware than those who don't.

    Considering Pirated Content? Four Reasons Why You Shouldn’t

    Infographic: On the surface, free or ridiculously cheap TV, film and sports content seems like a great deal. But there are four good reasons why pirated content is a bad idea.

    The Streaming Piracy Ecosystem

    Infographic: Pull back the curtain on streaming content piracy and you find a variety of people profiting off others' work.

    More About Safe Content