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After nearly 30 years of being housed on DirecTV, the NFL’s beloved Sunday Ticket package will have a new home on YouTube TV for the 2023 season. This means all out-of-market NFL games will be available to stream on YouTube TV and YouTube Primetime Channels.

The roughly $2 billion/year deal between the NFL and YouTube marks the end of the league’s long search for a new provider of the Sunday Ticket package, as on-the-go streaming has become increasingly common when watching sports.

With YouTube TV, football fans no longer have to deal with annual contracts, hidden fees, or satellite dishes.

“We’re excited to bring NFL Sunday Ticket to YouTube TV and YouTube Primetime Channels and usher in a new era of how fans across the United States watch and follow the NFL,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said in a statement. “For a number of years we have been focused on increased digital distribution of our games and this partnership is yet another example of us looking towards the future and building the next generation of NFL fans.”

What Does NFL Sunday Ticket Offer?

The NFL Sunday Ticket package offers access to out-of-market games that air on Sunday afternoons. If your favorite team’s regular season games aren’t often broadcast on local affiliate stations in your area, getting Sunday Ticket is the best way to see every play. You can watch NFL Sunday Ticket from your smartTV, laptop, tablet, or phone.

Also included in the service (with select packages) is the NFL RedZone channel, which offers “whip-around” coverage of all games on Sunday afternoons.

In addition to benefits for domestic customers, the NFL and YouTube also plan to collaborate on increasing the amount of content produced for the official NFL YouTube channel, which can be streamed worldwide, thereby hoping to foster international engagement with the NFL each year.

It’s important to know that NFL Sunday Ticket does not include Thursday Night Football, Monday Night Football, Sunday Night Football, or the Super Bowl. It provides access to Sunday afternoon games, which typically air at 1p and 4p ET.

How to Watch NFL Sunday Ticket

Sunday Ticket can be viewed either through YouTube or YouTube TV. Games can be watched live on your television or streamed on a laptop, tablet, phone, or other supported device. If you select a package with YouTube TV, you will also get to watch live TV from major broadcast and popular cable networks in English and Spanish, including local and national live sports, breaking news, and must-see shows the moment they air.

How Much Will NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube TV Cost?

YouTube has developed a series of NFL Sunday Ticket plans for customers. Fans will be able to choose between four different plans:

  • NFL Sunday Ticket + YouTube TV: $349 (also requires a $72.99/month subscription to YouTube TV)
  • NFL Sunday Ticket + NFL RedZone + YouTube TV: $389 (also requires a $72.99/month subscription to YouTube TV)
  • NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube: $449
  • NFL Sunday Ticket + NFL RedZone on YouTube: $489

You may be able to find discounted prices at various times throughout the year.

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