Money for Nothing

The Digital Citizens Alliance (DCA) reports that as more Americans turn to streaming, cyber threat actors have become more active than ever and it’s time we take piracy seriously. 

Stay safer using the tips on this site, and if you’re interested in taking more action, sign the DCA’s petition asking the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Congress, and the Department of Justice (DOJ) to keep criminals, hackers, and terrorist channels out of our homes.

Streaming is now a popular way to watch movies, shows, even live events. But criminals have taken notice, selling piracy devices and subscriptions to illegal TV services.

Consumers may not realize when they use these piracy devices and apps that they’re inviting criminals into their home. Hackers use these streaming devices and apps to install malware that probes your home networks, steals passwords, personal and financial information and can even take over cameras in your devices to spy on you and your family. This is especially dangerous when we’re all stuck at home and our home network may be supporting corporate and government networks.

Houses with a piracy device and app are three times more likely to report a problem with malware. Even more dangerous, some piracy services allow others to take over your internet connection which means they can use it for illegal acts. And this is only half the story. Many illegal subscription services offer graphic adult content without parental protections. And provide terrorist supported channels that are barred from broadcasting in the United States.

Piracy isn’t just about stealing content anymore. It brings serious risks to you and your family and it’s time we take piracy seriously. Go to to sign the petition asking for the FTC, Congress and Department of Justice to keep criminals, hackers and terrorist channels out of our homes. And learn more at

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