person holding empty wallet

It’s No Bargain

Everyone loves a deal.
Saving money.
But there’s a difference between getting quality at a discount …… and paying less for stolen goods.

Illicit IPTV services.
Fully loaded streaming boxes.
No-name, unlicensed content providers.

You pay less because, in the end, you get less

Protect yourself. Pirated content? Don’t do it..

It’s Not Worth the Risk 

Our cameras are indispensable.
We use them constantly.
Especially now.

But cameras present a risk.
Because hackers can take control of them.
With malware hidden in pirated television and film.

Then they can record you.
And you won’t even know.
Until it’s too late.

Protect yourself.
Pirated content?
Don’t do it.

It May Cost You

You’re you.
Original. Singular.
But there are people who would like to impersonate you. To steal your identity.
So they can spend your money.

Malware is the key to identity theft.
And it’s waiting for victims in the sketchier corners of the internet. Like where television and film are too cheap to be trusted.
Which means likely stolen.
And risky.

Protect yourself. Pirated content? Don’t do it.

It’s Wrong

As we find ourselves with not much to do
And a lot of time to do it
Our appetite for TV and film has never been greater.

And we have options. Many.
Most legitimate. Some, not so much.

Surprisingly cheap content is often pirated content. It’s copied without permission.
And resold without license.
Which is just wrong.

Choose to do right. Pirated content? Don’t do it.