Safe Streaming Alternatives with Katie Linendoll

Wondering how to download movies safely? Or how to find safe streaming sites for television and sports? Consumer technology expert Katie Linendoll discusses the importance and advantages of safe streaming options for viewing all of your favorite content. She explains how licensed providers protect kids, and describes measures they take to treat customers with professionalism and care.

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Video Transcript

Spikes searching for entertainment and sports content are driving people to look for more options.

So, how do you recognize safe streaming alternatives when exploring entertainment and content options?

Well, here’s the deal—legitimate subscription services via cable, satellite and platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, or YouTube TV, they offer a wide range of packages.

And as we know, fast secure broadband allows most areas in the U.S. to watch streamed content offered by these hundreds of authorized distributors of content. Many services and platforms offer additional customization, which is great, honing-in on specific interests like sports or kids programming.

Safe streaming of professionally produced sports and entertainment content from name brands, well it usually has a price associated with it due to the expense to create the content, to distribute it and to provide service to consumers of the content. Legitimate content producers and distributors, well they go to great lengths to:

Provide tools that help parents protect kids from inappropriate content and advertising

To provide reliable service

Provide responsive customer service

And of course, things like keeping the viewer safe from malware

Safe content is offered either directly from the producer of the content or offered by a licensed distributor with a trusted brand. So, make sure you are protecting yourself and your kids by using only official sites.