Types of Piracy with Katie Linendoll

Are there different ways to access pirated content?  Is it possible to accidentally download or stream pirated TV or film? Does viewing pirated content lead to malware infection? A nationally-recognized technology expert who is a regular contributor to The Today Show and the Weather Channel, Katie Linendoll has critical information for people wondering where to watch pirated movies or how to find illegal sports streaming.  As one of the leading women in technology, Katie shares her expertise on the risks of accessing pirated content through streaming devices, illegal IPTV streams and P2P file sharing websites.

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Video Transcript

As you know, streaming video –it’s so popular these days. So, understanding the risks of engaging with distributors of stolen content, known as piracy, and how it can affect you—it’s very important. So, with that said, let’s discuss a few different types of piracy:

First piracy, it can occur through hardware purchases. Purchasing an Apple TV or a Roku unit from a trusted retail store—great idea. However, there are workarounds on these devices that people can take advantage of to distribute content illegally. Set top boxes may have been preloaded with apps that allow buyers to access pirated content. And these apps, they could also come loaded with malware. Additionally, a streaming content stick that has been “jailbroken,” it carries the same risks of malware and you guessed it, pirated content. And know that even if your device doesn’t arrive infected, steps required to prepare your device for pirated content can compromise security and make you vulnerable to malware.

For example, to use those devices or run apps on them, you’re often asked to disable standard security protections. This means that you have to grant the app administrator permissions. Now, sometimes it’s necessary to grant a developer permissions, but only when they are trusted and reputable. If they aren’t, you may be giving access to your device’s memory, location and other sensitive data. So, don’t open yourself up.

Another means of piracy is illegal IPTV-based streaming. This streaming includes several hundred vendors and is a common delivery system, especially for pirated sporting events. Be aware they are frequently shut down by law enforcement due to the pirated content.

Peer-to-peer filesharing websites or apps may also be used by pirates to upload unauthorized, stolen content for viewing. This could include TV shows, sports, and movies. Peer-to-peer sites are especially dangerous since you can unknowingly become a distributor of pirated content and not just simply a viewer.

So, stay alert; be aware; and stream safely.