Live and on-demand streaming platforms have become a major facet of modern entertainment for households across the country. Services such as Netflix and Hulu have fundamentally transformed how content is delivered to end-users while providing a safe interface for streaming content over a network.

Although these services are incredibly convenient, they also cost money, which has led many toward pirated content and other illegal streaming sites to get their entertainment at no cost.

For many, free movies and TV shows are seen as a given, and they’ll do everything they can to cut costs. That’s why streaming services such as Popcornflix and Crackle have become so important. Having access to free, legal content, like that offered by Crackle, is key to keeping your data and devices protected. 

What Is Crackle?

Crackle is an ad-supported streaming service that allows users to watch their choice of on-demand content without having to pay a subscription fee. Originally called Grouper, the service was purchased by Sony Pictures in 2006, who then changed the name to Crackle before selling it to Chicken Soup For The Soul Entertainment in 2019. The service now exists as a subsidiary under the name Crackle Plus, LLC.

With tens of millions of users, Crackle remains an incredibly popular streaming service today, even after decades of use. It’s one of the primary alternatives for cord-cutters looking to save money on streaming services.

How Do I Use Crackle?

Crackle offers its content through an ad-supported platform. Users can watch content directly through the Crackle website or download the mobile app for a more streamlined experience.

Crackle’s design philosophy seeks to support as many devices as possible. The list includes:

  • Roku
  • Sony Playstation 
  • Microsoft Xbox
  • Android and iOS devices
  • Apple TV
  • Android TV
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • SmartTVs

No matter how you decide to stream with Crackle, you’ll have access to all of your favorite content completely free with no subscription necessary. 

What TV Shows and Movies Can I Watch on Crackle?

Crackle has plenty of your favorite TV shows and Hollywood movie titles available on demand. They’ve partnered with a variety of TV channels to bring you some of the best entertainment and documentaries available. With shows such as The Oath, Snatch, and The Jace Hall Show, you’re provided with a variety of genres that will keep you entertained.

Crackle even offers anime licensed through Funimation and also has its own original content. 

Why Stream with Crackle?

Throughout its lifetime, Crackle has gained a large following of users that appreciate its commitment to free TV and movies. Crackle is one of the oldest streaming services around, and it has continuously committed to bringing new and better content to users.

With its ad-supported approach to content, Crackle has become a safe and legal option for users who want to get the latest 100% free content without fear of illegal activity.


Crackle is a completely secure means of streaming your favorite movies and shows. With the addition of parental controls, it’s incredibly easy to restrict the content you don’t want your children to watch, making it a great option for families on a budget.

Crackle uses a secure connection to mitigate potential malicious attacks against its service. It is also committed to ensuring any collected user data is fully protected at all times. 

Everything Crackle-related is operated by Sony Pictures, meaning you won’t run into any copyright issues while watching Crackle content. Although many websites claim to offer free streaming and on-demand content, few are legitimate. When you use Crackle, you’ll know you’re getting the best TV shows and movies without legally compromising yourself.

The Crackle team is dedicated to letting its users enjoy full, feature-length films and TV shows without fear of copyright infringement, making the service a secure option that’s much better than attempting to illegally download or stream shows.

How Do I Sign Up?

Users don’t have to sign up for Crackle to access its streaming service, but having an account allows you to save progress, select favorites, and further customize your viewing experience. To create an account, go to and click the “Create Account” button in the top-right. Those who’ve already signed up can simply sign in and access their account.

When it comes to 100% free and legal streaming, there’s no safer option than platforms like Crackle, which are committed to ensuring users are safe and secure while viewing their content. Illegally downloading and streaming content puts you at risk, and the reward is simply not worth it. Instead, consider one of the many safe streaming options available.

Users can save money, while avoiding malware and lawsuits, by taking advantage of 100% free and legal streaming with Crackle and related platforms. StreamSafely is your source for learning where to find the best safe streaming options for you.

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