Malware Piracy websites and apps may spread malicious software that infects your device or network, putting your info at risk. LEARN MORE Pirate Services Could Be Dangerous Illustrated man in chair with tablet that has malware infection. Unreliable services Seemingly inexpensive piracy services often get shut down, leaving users in the lurch. LEARN MORE Pirate Services are Unreliable Illustrated laptop showing error or danger on screen plus movie refreshments Piracy is Illegal Illustrated judge gavel, handcuffs and law books Accessing pirated content is not legal. Content pirates are circumventing legal copy protection and distributing entertainment content without authorization or permission from the content creators. LEARN MORE Piracy is Illegal Identity Theft Illustrated desktop screen, keyboard and thumbdrive Criminals can exploit the valuable personal and financial information users provide when they set up an account with a piracy site or service. LEARN MORE Identity Theft Illustrated evil mask, depicting content pirate Password Sharing Sharing username and passwords with friends and family may appear safe, but does come with risks. LEARN MORE Password Sharing Portion of illustrated infographic showing three adults using devices and sharing passwords

How much do you know about
pirated content?

Find it from a safe source

How much do you know about pirated content?

Find it from a safe source

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Password Sharing: Take the Quiz

How Much Do You Know About Password Sharing?

Password Sharing is Risky Business

You’ve paid good money subscribing to all your streaming services. So, what’s the harm in sharing a few passwords with family and friends?
Creating a hard password is a good way to protect yourself online.

Protect Yourself; Protect Your Passwords

Ever wonder, “how secure is my password?” Here are seven ways to keep your online accounts safe from cyber-attack.

Man Charged for Extortion and Illegally Streaming Major US Sports Leagues...

Published by on 10/30/21

A man from Minnesota is being prosecuted for allegedly hacking the MLB computer system and illegally streaming NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB content.

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