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StreamSafely provides safe resources and information about the risks involved with accessing television/streaming entertainment and film through illegal, pirate services and unauthorized password sharing.

The facts and recommendations are designed to keep consumers safe while also protecting the intellectual property and livelihoods of all who produce and distribute the content we enjoy, including movies, TV and streaming shows, sports, and special events. StreamSafely is overseen by the non-profit organization CTAM on behalf of its members working in media, entertainment, and technology.

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What is Pirate IPTV?

There are many live TV and sports streaming services. Most are legitimate and safe, but Pirate IPTV services are illegal and threaten cybersecurity.

What is Remote Desktop?

One way hackers can access your sensitive information is by using malware to give them remote control of your computer.

What is DDoS?

The more you know about how cybercriminals operate, the better to protect yourself against a DDos (or Distributed Denial of Service) attack.