What is Malware?

What does malware do? What is its purpose? Here’s a short introduction to the menace of the internet.

Even if we don’t know how it works, we all know that software is the information that makes programs run on our computers and mobile devices. And the vast majority of software is built with good intentions. But not all.

Malware is malicious software. It sneaks, uninvited, onto your computer or device and does bad things. And there are different kinds with different purposes. There’s mostly annoying malware, like pop-up ads. But there’s also more dangerous kinds, like programs that lock up a device until ransom is paid, or others that steal sensitive information like passwords or credit card numbers.

The best way to protect yourself from malware is to keep your cybersecurity up to date, protect your passwords and avoid websites and streaming services that offer pirated content.

Stream safely.

Interested in learning more?

Learn more about malware and digital piracy on our FAQs page, and find safe sources for the TV and movies you’re looking for on our Where to Watch page.

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