Five Facts to Help Keep Your Family Safe from the Risks of Pirated Content

Educating your children about the risks associated with pirated content will help keep your family’s home network secure and your sensitive information safe.

Here are five things to keep in mind.

1 – Kids may not yet understand that nothing valuable comes for free (or ridiculously cheap), and that includes television and film. Explain to them that if the price for content seems too good to be true, it is.

2 – One way that content pirates make money is by allowing cybercriminals to infect their customers with malware. And if your kids are accessing pirated content, they are at risk.

3 – Warn your kids that people who download or stream pirated content are much more likely to be victims of malware attacks than those who don’t.

4 – If just one of your kids’ devices gets infected with malware, all PCs and smart devices attached to your home network are vulnerable.

5 – It’s important to keep cybersecurity on kids’ devices up to date. But cyber criminals are often one step ahead of standard protections, so avoiding pirated content is always the best defense.

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