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Piracy apps and websites may spread malicious software that infects your device and network, putting your personal information at risk. Malware can be anything from annoying adware to intrusive spyware to system-hijacking ransomware.

of torrent episodes are malware

1 in 3
pirate websites deliver malware

12 million
users are exposed to malware from pirated content

1 in 12
site visits with pirated content result in malware exposure

Common Affects of Malware

  • Identity Theft
  • Loss of Money
  • Damage of Devices / Networks
  • Digital Property Theft
  • Spy on Your Inner-device Activity and You
  • Record all of Your Keystrokes & Decipher the Sensitive Info
  • Modify Device Settings, Files and Apps

Signs of Malware

Sudden Decrease in Speed Performance

Increased Pop-up Ads

Odd Browser Behavior

Unexplained File, Mail, and Program Activity

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