Streaming Free Movies, TV Shows & Games May Put You at Risk

Thanks to new technology, today you can watch pretty much any show, sport or film you want— safely and affordably, whenever and wherever you want.

But not all technology is created equal. And some disreputable devices have slipped through the cracks, claiming to offer access to free movies, TV shows and games. But, leaving out the fact that this content is actually stolen and being streamed illegally.

Even worse, these so-called pirate devices and apps frequently expose users to dangerous malware—malware that can lead to ID theft, financial loss, locking down the computer of a small business owner until they pay a ransom to hackers.

These devices are often sold through the same stores and websites that sell other legitimate consumer devices, confusing unsuspecting consumers and leaving them stuck with an expensive, useless device when criminals get busted for selling them.

Piracy and malware is now a big illegal business with criminals making tens of millions of dollars by targeting victims. Government and law enforcement can protect consumers by cracking down on illegal pirate devices and apps and warning consumers about the risks of piracy and malware. Because everyone deserves to be safe in their own house or place of work.

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