Mark Lanterman on Malware Prevention

Straight from an Expert: Mark Lanterman, Chief Technology Officer of Computer Forensic Services

Cybercriminals can’t attack our PCs, devices and networks without our help.  And our anti-virus software is unlikely to protect us.

Malware enters our systems because hackers need our help and typically, the way they get our help is by tricking us into clicking on links and opening files. That download may have embedded inside of it malware. And, malware can do whatever it’s told to do. And you may think, “Well, I’m OK, I have antivirus software.” The problem is, antivirus software identifies only known, malicious software. Cybercriminals are creating new attacks every single day—attacks that have never been seen before. 

Any content that is downloaded from a non-trusted source, meaning 99% of what’s on the internet, may contain malware and may pose a serious security risk to you. 

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