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Watch Stuart Goldsmith: I Need You Alive

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  • 2023
  • 1h 5m
Stuart Goldsmith: I Need You Alive

Stuart Goldsmith delivers open-hearted stand-up about the realization that if everything goes according to plan, he dies first... Halfway through his life (estimated figure), he reflects on mortality, ambition and the future, in a landscape of lurid toys, vanishing friendships and explosive tantrums. Wrestling with his transformation from the picture to merely the frame, Goldsmith finds the magical in the mundane in an odyssey through gentrification, the antarctic tundra, the gig economy, pain au chocolat, and a squirrel that's better than he is. Find out why he's the best dad he can be, and why we all owe our parents a quick death.


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Cast and Crew

Stuart Goldsmith Actor

Stuart Goldsmith Writer

Eric Abrams Director

Family Illustration

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