What is Keylogging?

There are a few reasons cybercriminals offer free movie websites and free sports streaming. One of those is to gain access to viewers’ PCs and mobile devices, and once inside, to start recording key stokes.

If these papers listed everything you’ve typed into your computer in the last month, I would know a lot about you. I’d know your favorite websites; I’d have all the emails you’ve sent; I’d have usernames and passwords; and I’d likely have bank and credit card information, too.

Keylogging is a sneaky way that hackers get a hold of this info, by using malicious spyware to infiltrate your computer or mobile device, and then intercepting and recording your every keystroke – everything you type. And you won’t even know it’s happened until you get charged for things you didn’t buy or find that your bank accounts are empty.

The best way to protect yourself from keylogging and other malware is to keep your cybersecurity up to date, protect your passwords, and avoid websites and streaming services that offer pirated content.

Stream safely.

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