Human hand in open mouth of alligator showing risks of viewing pirated content

There are many risks associated with viewing pirated – or unauthorized, stolen – content. Here are four big ones:

1. Malware

Downloading apps or services that promise access to unauthorized, stolen content may install malware in your home network or devices, putting your personal information at risk to be stolen.

2. Unreliability

Devices that distribute pirated content are likely to become “bricks” (useless pieces of hardware) when the illegal service is shut down.

3. No parental controls

Legitimate services provide safeguards to protect children from inappropriate and potentially harmful material. Pirate services usually don’t offer these types of controls.

4. Accessing pirated content can make YOU a pirate

Torrenting sites can engage your computer in the active sharing of pirated shows and movies, putting you at risk of not just viewing but also distributing stolen content.

You can avoid pirate sites with a little upfront research to learn whether services are legitimate and what risks others are noting about them. Ultimately, be wary of sites you’re not familiar with that offer free or unbelievably cheap content.

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