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Think twice before you hit play on that pirated TV show, movie, or sports event. The dangers lurking behind these illegal streams can strike when you least expect it, posing a threat to your privacy and safety. Here are the top four reasons you should always steer clear of pirated content:

Pirating Is Dangerous

Thinking about viewing free or unusually cheap movies, TV, or sports content on pirate sites? Remember; that content is likely being shared without permission, but that’s not the only reason you should think twice. According to the stats, pirated streams and downloads come with tons of hidden dangers.

The most serious danger comes from giving untrustworthy people access to your personal information. When you download or stream copyrighted content, you’re essentially ushering pirates past your computer, mobile device, and network defenses. You’re telling your firewall and cybersecurity tools that pirates are okay, and to accept what they’re sending. This makes it easy for them to infect your devices and network with malware, inappropriate content, unwanted add-ons, and more.

Some malware, like adware, is mostly annoying. But most malware comes with sinister security risks. There’s malware that can spy on you, freeze your devices until you pay a ransom, steal your intellectual property, and root around your hard drives and browsers looking for personal information. With your personal details—like credit card, bank account, and social security numbers—someone can steal your identity, which at best is an enormous hassle, and at worst can leave you in serious debt.

Don’t forget about cameras, which are indispensable in our daily lives. Hackers can take control of your camera using malware hidden in pirated television and film. They can then record you without your knowledge, and then use those recordings against you.

The lesson? Protect yourself by avoiding illegal streaming sites and only doing business with legitimate services. Dont worry — there are plenty to choose from.

Pirating Can Cost You

When you buy content from a legitimate provider, part of what you pay for is reliable, consistent, quality service. You don’t get that when you buy from pirates. Pirates offer content they have no right to and are always under threat of being shut down by government authorities and the content’s rightful owners. When pirates get shut down due to copyright infringement, they disappear, with no recourse for their customers who may have dropped hundreds of dollars for an illicit streaming device or pre-paid for service.

Doing business with people who sell what isn’t theirs is a gamble. And there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself on the losing end. Not only could you lose access to the content you paid for, but you could also be exposing yourself to legal action. Authorities are cracking down on digital piracy, and internet users caught using illegal streaming services can receive hefty fines and even jail time.

Moreover, the quality of pirated content is often poor. You might experience interruptions, low resolution, and unreliable access. In contrast, legitimate providers invest in high-quality streaming technology, customer support, and regular updates.

Choose to invest in legitimate content providers. It’s safer, more reliable, and ultimately more bang for your buck.

Pirating Supports Criminals

When you buy a streaming device that provides unlimited free content, or when you subscribe to an obscure streaming service that promises thousands of channels for a ridiculously low rate, you’re most likely doing business with criminals — plain and simple.

Our appetite for TV and film has never been greater. We have many options, most legitimate, some not so much. Surprisingly cheap content is often pirated content. However, this content is copied without permission and resold without a license, and profits from pirated streams and downloads enrich criminals and criminal organizations.

These criminals don’t mind copying and reselling other people’s property, which means they don’t mind risking yours. These scam sites will even go so far as selling access to your devices and networks to hackers, even if you use a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

If you don’t want to finance thieves, hackers, and criminal organizations, don’t buy what they’re selling. It’s an easy choice.

Pirating Harms Content Creators

People who create television and film content aim to produce the best possible experience for their audience. Sometimes, the key to success is an amazing script. Sometimes, it’s brilliant acting or unbelievable special effects. Whatever the crucial ingredient may be, it’s going to cost money, because greatness doesn’t come cheap.

When viewers pirate TV shows and films rather than buying a theater ticket or subscribing to a licensed provider, they send a message that quality is not worth paying for. That the content itself is not worth paying for. And that message has consequences.

If people are unwilling to pay for what they watch, fewer new shows and films will be produced. We will all be denied new, unique, and interesting stories.

With online piracy, in the end, everybody loses. We don’t know about you, but we want the best, most creative minds on the job. After all, entertainment is king these days, and the last thing we need is more low-quality content.


At StreamSafely, we’ve compiled plenty of legal sources for viewing your favorite movies, TV shows, and sports programs — all without risking your personal data. Don’t break copyright laws, get infected with malicious software, or deal with cyber threats. Opt for digital content brought to you by trusted service providers.

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