What is Pirate IPTV?

There are many live TV and sports streaming services. Most options are legitimate and safe. Some, like Pirate IPTV, are illegal and threaten cybersecurity.

There are dozens of ways to watch video content today and hundreds of providers to choose from. Services like YouTubeTV and Hulu + Live TV offer real time television over the internet, and the technical name for that is Internet Protocol television, or IPTV.

There are a lot of legitimate IPTV streaming services that only offer licensed content, but there are many others that offer stolen content. These are pirate IPTV services. How do you tell the difference? One clue is price. If a service offers hundreds or thousands of channels for $15 a month, that’s unrealistic and probably not on the level. Another clue is if the service requires or suggests that you use a VPN – a Virtual Private Network, which hides your location and internet activity. That’s fishy, too.

The best way to protect yourself from the risks of doing business with pirate IPTV providers is to use common sense. If a service seems suspect or is too cheap to be true, it probably is.

Stream safely.

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