What is a Zero-Day Vulnerability?

How to stream safely is one of the most important questions we can ask when searching for TV, film, and sports content. And the answer begins with educating ourselves about risks like a Zero-Day Vulnerability.

Building software is complicated, and engineers do their best to make programs and devices secure before releasing them. But hidden vulnerabilities are always a risk. One reason it’s important to update our programs from time to time is to patch security holes that have been detected since the programs were released.

A Zero-day Vulnerability is a security risk in a system or device that has been identified but not yet fixed. Once a zero-day vulnerability has been identified, the race is on between cybercriminals who want to exploit the security weakness and developers who want to fix it.

As a consumer, the best way to protect yourself from vulnerabilities is to only buy devices and use software from reputable sources. They employ the best developers and engineers and have the most incentive – their reputations – to quickly fix any security problems.

Stream safely.

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