Expert Series: Consequences of Pirate Services

Streaming content from pirate services carries risks. Here are just a few.

When a consumer deals with criminals, then there’s a good chance they’re going to be conned in some way.

As piracy grows as an industry, there are several threats.

People have been overcharged on their credit cards when subscribing to a pirate service.

It enables hackers to spread malware through consumer networks.

It also creates a possibility that a consumer’s IP connection is taken and used by others—potentially for illegal acts.

Your device could be used for Bitcoin mining on behalf of the pirates.

There’s no parental controls on pirate services. So, adult content will be exposed to kids.

There are so many great offerings out there from legitimate players. Why bother using a pirate service that maybe will be shut down in a couple of months. Why take the risk?

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