What is a Threat Actor?

Whether streaming or downloading content is risky depends mostly on your decision where to watch that content. Choose a pirate service in the hope of getting more than you pay for and you’re entering a world of threat actors.

You have valuable information on your computer and mobile devices. Personal details, login credentials, account numbers, bank info, credit card numbers. There’s a lot worth stealing.

A threat actor is anyone who has the potential to affect your device or network security and make your valuable information vulnerable. Cybercriminals are one type of threat actor because they have the desire and ability to get past your security. But you and your family members can also become threat actors because you may unintentionally download malware, compromising your security and making you vulnerable to hackers.

The best way to protect yourself from threat actors –including yourself– is to keep your cybersecurity up to date, protect your passwords, and avoid websites and streaming services that offer pirated content.

Stream safely.

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