What is Torrenting?

Are torrents safe? Torrenting can be a good way to get large files, but it’s also a way people share stolen content.

Usually when you download a large file, like a movie or a video game, you get it all in one piece from a single source. So, for example, if you have a Netflix account, you can download an entire film to view later offline.

But there are other ways to get large files. One is torrenting, which is up and downloading files through a peer-to-peer network. In this scenario someone who downloads a movie from a shady site may or may not be aware they are downloading small pieces of that movie from many different people. And all those small files fit together to make up the whole film. Then, they may end up sharing small files with anyone who wants it in the future.

Torrenting can be a good way to get large legitimate files, but it’s also a way that people share stolen content. And it’s a way for cybercriminals to sneak malware onto your computer.

The best way to protect yourself from the risks of malware is to keep your cybersecurity up to date, protect your passwords, and avoid websites and streaming services that offer pirated content.

Stream safely.

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