What is Phishing?

There are many ways cybercriminals try to infiltrate your computer, mobile devices and network. Phishing is time tested and effective, and the more you know about it the better you will know how to protect yourself online.

My friend Sarah just sent me an email marked urgent.

This is weird though. All the email says is, “Are you available?” and then it includes a link. That’s an odd message to get from Sarah. Seems suspicious. Don’t you think?

Emails like this are called phishing scams. They’re emails sent from sources posing as legitimate and trying to trick people into clicking their links, sending money, or sharing bank or credit card information. They make tempting offers, but it’s usually pretty obvious that they’re not on the level.

The best way to protect yourself from phishing as well as other online scams is to educate yourself about the most common types and trust your instincts when an email seems fishy.

Stream safely.

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Learn more about phishing and digital piracy on our FAQs page.

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