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Content piracy affects your entertainment choices, access and safety. Stay up to date on content piracy news including criminal takedowns, trends and regulatory activity.

Parenting blogger Harriet Shearsmith joins call to parents to get clued up on risks...

Published by Internet Matters on 10/19/20

Nearly six out of 10 parents (56%) who admitted to illegally downloading content for their kids to watch said they had done so more frequently during lockdown.

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The Digital World is Built on Advertising. How Do We Help Kids Navigate It?

Published by CNN on 5/18/21

Since the advent of the internet and mobile technology, ads can reach us anytime, anywhere, and target us based on what our online behavior reveals.

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Netflix Password-Sharing Crackdown Won’t Feel Heavy Handed, Co-CEO Says

Published by Variety on 4/20/21

Netflix wants people to pay their fair share to access its streaming service. But Reed Hastings promises that any crackdown on illicit password-sharing that the company decides to launch across its global footprint won’t be done in an aggressive manner.

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M&E Journal: An Insiders Look at the Billion-Dollar Pirate Subscription IPTV Business

Published by CDSA on 3/30/21

When looking into the ever-evolving and growing world of IPTV piracy, it is difficult to fully grasp what it means when a recent investigative report found that the “business” of illegal piracy subscription services has grown to a $1 billion problem in the U.S. alone.

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When To Share Your Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ Passwords (And When You Can’t)

Published by Forbes on 3/29/21

When word first erupted on social media earlier this month that Neftlix was testing a crackdown on unauthorized credential sharing, it struck fear into the hearts of those who have been watching “Bridgerton” or “Murder Among the Mormons” using someone else’s account.

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US Government Works on Consumer Awareness Campaign to Combat Piracy

Published by TorrentFreak on 3/20/21

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is working on a public awareness campaign to combat online piracy and counterfeiting. This plan is welcomed by copyright holders, who offer several suggestions for its implementation.

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US Senators Urge Attorney General to Prosecute Pirate Streaming Services

Published by TorrentFreak on 3/17/21

US Senators Patrick Leahy and Thom Tillis urge recently appointed Attorney General Merrick Garland to put the new piracy streaming bill to use.

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Study: 58% of Survey Respondents Purchased Third-Party SVOD Login Details/Passwords Online

Published by Media Play News on 3/23/21

In addition to reportedly losing billions annually in lost revenue due to password sharing, new data suggests the black market for third-party login details and passwords is big business.

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Sports Industry Can Earn Billions by Selectively Converting ‘Willing’ Pirates

Published by TorrentFreak on 3/16/21

New research published by Synamedia shows that the sports industry can potentially earn billions in extra revenue with a tailored approach to piracy.

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ACE Applauds Criminal Conviction of Movie-Blog Operators

Published by Alliance4Creativity.com in March 2021

The Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE) congratulates German law enforcement and the German public prosecutor for achieving a criminal conviction of two operators of the pirate site, Movie-blog.

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