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    Content piracy affects your entertainment choices, access and safety. Stay up to date on content piracy news including criminal takedowns, trends and regulatory activity.

    That Popular Film Download May Be Trouble

    Cybercriminals use high demand content to trick unsuspecting victims

    Pandemic Provides Opportunity for Pirates and Hackers, Increased Risk for Viewers

    Pandemic Provides Opportunity for Pirates and Hackers, Increased Risk for Viewers Description: Illegal pirate streaming devices and apps often deliver more than you bargain for.

    Summer Shutdowns: Pirated Anime Domains and England-based IPTV

    Authorities shut down multiple pirated content providers and viewers receive nothing but warnings.

    US Indictments and Raids of Piracy Group Members in ‘The Scene’ Throw Top-Tier Piracy...

    Torrent Freak

    Members of three prominent piracy groups, responsible for illegally acquiring and publicly disseminating scores of unreleased films, are scrambling to evade law enforcement as indictments, raids and arrests disrupt the shadowy content piracy ecosystem. As a result, the supply of new films to top pirating movie sites and popular pirate movie streaming services will likely diminish.

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    Two Pirates Plead Guilty to Federal Charges

    Two Las Vegas men pleaded guilty in December 2019 to multiple federal, criminal charges stemming from busts of two of the nation’s...

    Streaming Box Busts

    It’s easy to think that if a product is sold in the open, whether that be on a reputable website or at a...

    Popular Streaming Site Forced to Shut Down Due to Pirated Content

    Openload users learned recently that one of the internet’s top pirating sites for illegal TV, film and sports content can disappear overnight.

    Malware from illegal video streaming apps: What to know

    Federal Trade Commission

    As streaming becomes a more and more popular way to view content—including illegal, pirated content—hackers have adjusted their methods of delivering malware to our devices and accessing our private information. No longer do they simply download malicious software directly to our computers from pirated TV and pirated movies sites. Now, they utilize the devices and apps necessary for pirate streaming to get onto our home networks. And from there, they can create a host of problems.

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    Cheap Content May Be Supporting Organized Crime

    The Internet is a convenient yet mysterious experience. With a few strokes of the keyboard we can have almost anything sent to our homes.