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    Content piracy affects your entertainment choices, access and safety. Stay up to date on content piracy news including criminal takedowns, trends and regulatory activity.

    Pandemic Provides Opportunity for Pirates and Hackers, Increased Risk for Viewers

    Pandemic Provides Opportunity for Pirates and Hackers, Increased Risk for Viewers Description: Illegal pirate streaming devices and apps often deliver more than you bargain for.

    ACE TV, Firestick Plusman Repo, and Other Domains Seized By ACE / MPA

    Published by Torrent Freak on 10/4

    In its ongoing, international effort to protect the legal rights of legitimate content producers and distributors, the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment has, in recent months, shut down a variety of illegal, pirate IPTV services and their accomplices. When IPTV services shut down, they disappear without warning, leaving paid customers with no service and no recourse.

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    Pirate Streaming Sites Raided by Thai Police for Streaming Hollywood Movies

    Published by TorrentFreak on 11/9

    Three elusive Thai pirate streaming operations have been shut down by Thailand's Department of Special Investigations. These streaming site shutdowns are another small victory in the international battle against illegal content piracy.

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    Popular Streaming Site Forced to Shut Down Due to Pirated Content

    Openload users learned recently that one of the internet’s top pirating sites for illegal TV, film and sports content can disappear overnight. Openload, a pirate...

    Cheap Content May Be Supporting Organized Crime

    The Internet is a convenient yet mysterious experience. With a few strokes of the keyboard we can have almost anything sent to our homes. When dealing with...

    Malware from illegal video streaming apps: What to know

    Federal Trade Commission

    As streaming becomes a more and more popular way to view content—including illegal, pirated content—hackers have adjusted their methods of delivering malware to our devices and accessing our private information. No longer do they simply download malicious software directly to our computers from pirated TV and pirated movies sites. Now, they utilize the devices and apps necessary for pirate streaming to get onto our home networks. And from there, they can create a host of problems.

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    RIAA and MPA Now Target Domain Name and Hosting Providers

    Published by TechNadu on 11/10

    As part of their global fight against content piracy, the Recording Industry Association of America and Motion Pictures Association have recently begun focusing attention on piracy-enabling internet operations. The new strategy is an attempt to identify those who run pirate streaming services and illegal streaming sites by pressuring those known to do business with them.

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    Synamedia, Ampere Report: Education Won’t Stop Sports Piracy

    Published by Mesa on 10/26

    Pirated, illegal sports streaming is a significant global problem, but there are fan-friendly incentives broadcast rights holders can offer to increase the number of people who access sports content legitimately. A survey of more than ten-thousand sports fans in ten countries provides ideas for satisfying fans’ desires for non-pirated but reasonably priced sports.

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    The Rise of the Pirate Stream

    Whether or not you’ve heard of Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) you’re almost certainly familiar with it. In a nutshell, IPTV is live television—sometimes now...

    Advertising is the Latest Front in the Fight Against Piracy

    Copyright holders and licensed distributors of entertainment content have long worked to identify and shut down illegal streaming sites and services. Now, they are also attempting to shrink pirate revenue by persuading advertising agencies and name-brands to refrain from advertising on pirate platforms.