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    Content piracy affects your entertainment choices, access and safety. Stay up to date on content piracy news including criminal takedowns, trends and regulatory activity.

    Pirate Streaming Sites Raided by Thai Police for Streaming Hollywood Movies

    Published by TorrentFreak on 11/9

    Three elusive Thai pirate streaming operations have been shut down by Thailand's Department of Special Investigations. These streaming site shutdowns are another small victory in the international battle against illegal content piracy.

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    Netflix’s Password-Sharing Crackdown Has a Silver Lining

    Published by Wired on 3/12

    The streaming service is making account owners enter two-factor codes in a limited test. That's … actually not so bad.

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    RIAA and MPA Now Target Domain Name and Hosting Providers

    Published by TechNadu on 11/10

    As part of their global fight against content piracy, the Recording Industry Association of America and Motion Pictures Association have recently begun focusing attention on piracy-enabling internet operations. The new strategy is an attempt to identify those who run pirate streaming services and illegal streaming sites by pressuring those known to do business with them.

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    How a Chinese website for pirated TV shows became a cultural touchstone for millennials

    Published by CNN Business on 3/3

    When Bill Liang realized that popular video download and streaming service Renren Yingshi might be gone for good his heart sank.

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    It’s Time to Streamline Streaming Services, Protect Content

    Published by Mesa on 11/25

    The proliferation of distinctive subscription streaming services has made life more complicated for both viewers and content providers. One potential solution are AI-administered, personalized content services, which would provide viewers with a single source for all desired content while substantially reducing demand for illegal, pirate streaming providers.

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    U.S. Navy is Liable for Mass Software Piracy, Appeals Court Rules

    Published by TorrentFreak on 3/2

    The United States Navy is liable for a mass copyright infringement. The Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit sided with the German software company Bitmanagement, which accused the Navy of copying software without permission.

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    Pandemic Provides Opportunity for Pirates and Hackers, Increased Risk for Viewers

    Pandemic Provides Opportunity for Pirates and Hackers, Increased Risk for Viewers Description: Illegal pirate streaming devices and apps often deliver more than you bargain for.

    Advertising is the Latest Front in the Fight Against Piracy

    Copyright holders and licensed distributors of entertainment content have long worked to identify and shut down illegal streaming sites and services. Now, they are also attempting to shrink pirate revenue by persuading advertising agencies and name-brands to refrain from advertising on pirate platforms.

    ACE Applauds Criminal Conviction of Movie-Blog Operators

    Published by in March

    The Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE) congratulates German law enforcement and the German public prosecutor for achieving a criminal conviction of two operators of the pirate site, Movie-blog.

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    US Indictments and Raids of Piracy Group Members in ‘The Scene’ Throw Top-Tier Piracy...

    Torrent Freak

    Members of three prominent piracy groups, responsible for illegally acquiring and publicly disseminating scores of unreleased films, are scrambling to evade law enforcement as indictments, raids and arrests disrupt the shadowy content piracy ecosystem. As a result, the supply of new films to top pirating movie sites and popular pirate movie streaming services will likely diminish.

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