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Online Piracy 101

Today we have a variety of legitimate streaming services providing the public with licensed television, film and sports content. Unfortunately, there are also countless illicit streaming services and websites offering stolen content and taking advantage of the hard work of others for unlawful gain. Pirate services seem attractive because of their low prices but these “deals” are illegal and come with many risks. Learn about content piracy here.

how you're at risk

Streaming Free Movies, TV Shows & Games May Put You at Risk

Not all technology is created equal. And some disreputable devices have slipped through the cracks, claiming to offer access to free movies, TV shows and games.
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Mark Lanterman on Malware Prevention

Cybercriminals can't attack our PCs, devices and networks without our help. And our anti-virus software is unlikely to protect us.
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Cybersecurity: Tips to Stay Safe

More time working from home means greater susceptibility to cybercriminals' tricks and schemes, schemes which often involve offering free or too-cheap-to-be-true pirated movies, television and sports.

Fast Fact: You Get What You Pay For

Pirated Content is Cheap for a Reason
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Streaming Devices: The Hacker’s Bullseye

Accessing pirated television, film and sports content is inherently risky. According to a report by Digital Citizens Alliance, nearly half of people who have...
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Six Tips for Recognizing Illegal Streaming Websites

In recent years the popularity of video streaming has surged due to its convenience and programming availability. As Amazon Prime, Apple TV, and more...
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The Drive-by Download: Internet Booby Trap

We all know that the Internet presents risks. That there’s value in our stored data. That hackers and thieves want in. Most of us...
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Fast Fact: Pirated Content = No Parental Controls

Pirated content may expose children to inappropriate material.
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Considering Pirated Content? Four Reasons Why You Shouldn’t

Infographic: On the surface, free or ridiculously cheap TV, film and sports content seems like a great deal. But there are four good reasons why pirated content is a bad idea.

The Streaming Piracy Ecosystem

Infographic: Pull back the curtain on streaming content piracy and you find a variety of people profiting off others' work.
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Top 4 Reasons to Avoid Pirated Content (WATCH)

Video: There are many reasons why viewing pirated TV, movies and sports content is a bad idea. Click to watch the top four risks.
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The Danger of RATs

Malware infection is the most likely and potentially most harmful negative consequence of accessing pirated TV, film and sports content. Malware comes in different...