Today’s streaming-oriented entertainment landscape is dominated by popular paid streaming platforms, such as Netflix, Disney+, Paramount+, and Amazon Prime Video. These are household names, offering premium content for relatively low monthly rates. 

Still, some people turn to pirating content or illegal streaming to watch their favorite TV shows and avoid the subscription fees. However, there are major risks involved with consuming content from these shady sources. 

Rather than dealing with viruses and malware, or putting yourself at risk of legal action, consider an alternative. There are numerous free services available that have up-to-date live-streaming and on-demand content at no cost to you.

Those who want to watch popular TV shows and movies through a free streaming service should turn to platforms such as Xumo TV, Tubi, or PlutoTV, which provide ad-supported content that can be viewed at no cost.

What Is PlutoTV?

PlutoTV is a free TV service created in 2013 to be an ad-supported option for watching on-demand TV shows and movies. Its streaming style mimics traditional TV and cable services, taking the form of scheduled broadcasts regularly interspersed with commercial breaks. What sets PlutoTV apart from other streaming services is the amount of content available on the platform.

PlutoTV offers hundreds of live TV channels that users can access at any time, completely free. In 2019, Pluto, Inc. was purchased by Viacom and now houses many of its media products, giving the platform a huge advantage over many of its competitors.

What Content Does PlutoTV Offer?

PlutoTV’s free streaming service has a wide variety of TV channels available. MTV, CBS, CNN, NBC News, Bloomberg TV, and more are all easily accessible through PlutoTV’s service. The service also includes live sports, so users can watch their favorite NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB games at the click of a button. 

PlutoTV channels offer a range of classic TV programming that many users find more convenient than paid streaming options. On-demand movies, sitcoms, anime, and many other forms of content are available in a single location thanks to a vast array of providers on the platform. 

What Are Some Considerations When Using PlutoTV?

PlutoTV provides an ad-supported streaming experience for those who want the option of a more traditional TV service. With this in mind, users should be aware of the differences between digital streaming and traditional cable or TV services. 

The use of digital services brings a variety of important considerations that users should be aware of when accessing PlutoTV.

Safe Streaming

PlutoTV customers can enjoy their favorite content with peace of mind. Accessing content from PlutoTV only requires a valid email address to register; therefore, it could be considered a safer option than services that require you to provide payment information for a subscription. It’s also significantly safer than pirated services, which can track you, steal your data, and infect your devices with viruses. 

Regardless, basic network security should be considered whenever you’re online – no matter what type of activity you’re doing. Given the company’s use of internet-connected devices, it’s important to use updated equipment on a secure network, as this will allow you to safely enjoy PlutoTV’s content without fear of being compromised.

Signing Up

PlutoTV is completely free to sign up for. No credit card information is required, and all you need is an email account. Simply go to the PlutoTV registration page, enter your name, email, password, and birthdate, then click “Sign up – Free.” It’s as easy as that.

Once registered, users can sign into the PlutoTV app on any supported device to watch their favorite content completely free. Users have the option of saving their favorite channels, personalizing their account with a watch list, and streaming to multiple devices at once.

Supported Devices

PlutoTV’s free streaming service provides its video streaming through the PlutoTV app, so it’s important to have a supported device when attempting to access Pluto’s lineup of streaming channels.

PlutoTV offers hundreds of channels that can be streamed for free across a vast variety of devices including:

  • Roku
  • Android devices, including TVs
  • Apple devices running on iOS, such as iPads, iPhones, and Apple TV
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Microsoft Xbox
  • Sony Playstation
  • SmartTVs

Mobile apps can be downloaded and installed through each device’s respective app store.

For many users, cord-cutting has become a popular way of saving money and eliminating unnecessary costs from their lives. Thankfully there are great options rather than turning to illegal movie websites and show sites for watching your favorite content for free. Instead of putting your personal information at risk, consider some of the 100% free (and legal) sources of digital streaming.

Free, legal streaming is much safer, and, often, far more accessible than many realize. You don’t have to pay for your content to be safe and legal, and StreamSafely helps you determine which sites you can trust. Providers such as Crackle, Freevee, and, of course, PlutoTV can be used with all of your favorite devices.

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