Mark Lanterman on Consequences of Malware

Straight from an Expert: Mark Lanterman, Chief Technology Officer of Computer Forensic Services

A common repercussion of viewing pirated content is malware infection, the effects of which range from annoying to painful.

There are consequences when we download malware.

Malware could install keylogging software on our systems, meaning now that everything you type goes to the criminals.

It can also include remote desktop software, which means a hacker can take over your computer as though he or she was literally sitting in front of your keyboard.

Ransomware—which means all of your data on your system is now being held for ransom.

Identity theft. Criminals are looking to harvest our personal information to make money to victimize us financially. You may think this won’t happen to you, but that’s what the other guy thought, too.  It’s out there. Please, don’t be a victim.

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