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    Piracy 101

    When someone steals a car or a purse, it’s called theft. But when the item stolen is a movie, TV show or sports broadcast, the offense is copyright infringement or what’s known as content piracy. By taking advantage of the same technologies and systems that deliver legitimate content, pirates distribute illegal content across the world. It’s so widespread you might have watched stolen content without knowing it. Downloading, streaming or otherwise accessing pirated content is against the law and it comes with risks. Read about the dangers here.

    Expert Series: How Piracy Impacts the Entertainment Industry

    Content piracy hurts more people than you might imagine.

    Expert Series: How to Know If Your Content Is Pirated

    Avoiding pirated content is easier with a little awareness of how pirate services work.

    Expert Series: Pandemic and Risk

    More streaming at home means an increased risk of malware infection.

    Five Tech Savvy Tips for Safe Streaming

    Teach your children about the risks of streaming illegal content and how to protect themselves. Here are five tips to keep the family safe...

    Expert Series: Too Good to Be True

    Our experts sound off on "too good to be true" content. When it comes to piracy devices, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

    Streaming Free Movies, TV Shows & Games May Put You at Risk

    Not all technology is created equal. And some disreputable devices have slipped through the cracks, claiming to offer access to free movies, TV shows and games.

    Five Facts to Help Keep Your Family Safe from the Risks of Pirated Content

    Educating your children about the risks associated with pirate content will help keep your family's home network secure and your sensitive information safe.

    Money for Nothing

    The Digital Citizens Alliance (DCA) reports that as more Americans turn to streaming, cyber threat actors have become more active than ever and it’s time we take piracy seriously.

    How to Keep Your Family Safe from Streaming Pirated Content

    I think we can all agree that watching TV shows, movies, sports, even children’s programming is very different from how it was when we were kids, but have you ever thought about the potential risks associated with streaming illegal content?

    Mark Lanterman on Consequences of Malware

    A common repercussion of viewing pirated content is malware infection, the effects of which range from annoying to painful.

    More About Safe Content