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Piracy 101

Today we have a variety of legitimate streaming services providing the public with licensed television, film and sports content. Unfortunately, there are also countless illicit streaming services and websites offering stolen content and taking advantage of the hard work of others for unlawful gain. Pirate services seem attractive because of their low prices but these “deals” are illegal and come with many risks. Learn about content piracy here.

what is remote desktop

What is Remote Desktop?

One way hackers can access your sensitive information is by using malware to give them remote control of your computer.

What is DDoS?

The more you know about how cybercriminals operate, the better to protect yourself against a DDos (or Distributed Denial of Service) attack.
What is a trojan horse

What is a Trojan Horse?

Are free movie streaming sites safe? If they show recent releases or box office hits, they may be Trojan horses.
Screengrab of video showing spoofing messaging

What is Spoofing?

Ever receive an email from a friend that seemed suspicious, like it wasn’t really from them?
Screengrab of video describing keylogging

What is Keylogging?

One reason cybercriminals offer free movie websites and free sports streaming is to gain access to viewers’ devices, and once inside, to start recording key stokes.
Screengrab of video describing what jailbreaking is

What is Jailbreaking?

Jailbreaking a digital device is presented as a way to expand its capabilities. But doing so also limits your ability to protect yourself online.
Screengrab of video describing what phishing is

What is Phishing?

Phishing is a time tested and effective way to infiltrate your devices, and the more you know about it the better you will know how to protect yourself online.
screengrab from video describing what torrenting is

What is Torrenting?

Are torrents safe? Torrenting can be a good way to get large files, but it’s also a way people share stolen content. (Watch)
screengrab from video with typical malware messages

What is Malware?

What does malware do? What is its purpose? Here’s a short video introduction to the menace of the internet.
what is a threat actor

What is a Threat Actor?

A threat actor is anyone who has the potential to affect your device or network security and make your valuable information vulnerable. Cybercriminals are one type of threat actor.

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